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Heartwood Preserve provides personalized services to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.  We offer graveside services; in-home memorial services, opening and closing of grave (hand dug) without the use of heavy equipment.

Caskets & Coffins

Caskets and coffins are both available and made from low impact, sustainably harvested materials. Both are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.  Locally hand crafted and designed to fit your needs, caskets and coffins can be made from wicker, bamboo, natural wood….

A casket has four sides while a coffin has six or eight sides.


A shroud is a ceremonial wrapping for the body of someone we love who has died.  A shroud provides a hands-on, deep connective experience when grieving together and letting go.  The fabric is securely laced or wrapped around the body. This can easily be done by family members, and offers a simple, symbolic activity to share. It’s an elegant and tangible way to say goodbye.

Shrouds can be used for burial or cremation.  They may be used with or without a casket. It’s a matter of personal choice. It’s a matter of personal choice.

Shrouds can be made from linen, canvas, cotton and of natural fibers, and can be painted or quilted using accents and embellishments.  A shroud can be used for burial or cremation. It’s beautiful, and it’s eco-friendly.  They are 100% biodegradable.  

Natural Urns

There are many beautiful, earth-friendly options for the preservation of a loved one’s ashes. We carry a collection of hand-painted as well as finely crafted ash containers made from various woods, wicker or willow from local Bay Area artists.


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Hours of Operation

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