Conservation Burial Alliance

Conservation Burial Alliance

The Conservation Burial Alliance is a collaborative of conservation burial grounds and invested allies that fosters the conservation and sustainable management of land with natural burial for the benefit of people and the planet.

We are a founding member of the CBA, and our Executive Director, Laura Starkey, serves on the Board of Directors, having helped in the formation of this important organization.

CBA’s Purpose:

  • to facilitate wide public understanding of what conservation burial is;
  • to provide meaningful ways to interact with the natural burial and conservation communities;
  • to create and provide best practices for conservation burial;
  • to educate professionals and the public about conservation burial; and
  • to facilitate cooperative strategies and programs that help to make conservation burial a choice that is accessible to as broad a segment of people as possible.

Check out the website for more conservation burial information, make connections, participate in educational webinars and discuss topics in an open forum with like-minded individuals.

Tree Planting by the Founding CBA Members on Heartwood Preserve’s Sunrise Trail, 2020