Talk & Tour: Your Mosquito Control



Pasco County Mosquito Control District presents: Your Mosquito Control


Pasco County Mosquito Control District (PCMCD) services all residents and business within the boundaries of Pasco County.  There are many different elements to mosquito control and PCMCD takes pride in keeping equipment in great shape, readily available and sometimes modified for optimum use. Jillian will give a quick introduction while showcasing some of the tools and vehicles that are used throughout the county.  She’ll discuss the different roles, how they decide when and where to spray, as well as the importance of mosquito control.  PCMCD aims to control mosquitoes in their immature stages to provide a comfortable outdoor environment for citizens and reduce the threat of disease that can be transmitted by mosquitoes.  Feel free to come by listen, check out vehicles, gather information, and ask questions.


‘FLY-IN’ for this Community Educational Talk by Jillian, Public Education & Information Officer.

                Jillian Meek is the Public Education & Information Officer for Pasco County Mosquito Control Distric.  She has a history of teaching and a background in marine science, with a love for animals, the ocean, and her family. Jillian is a ongoing fan of Hearwood Preserve and this will be her second presention here.



Need more info about PCMCD?

Contact: Jillian Meek • Certified Teacher
office: (727) 376-4568 (ext. 226)
mobile: (727)-810-6070


  • Free event
  • Please bring water
  • Wear closed-toe shoes or boots
  • Sunscreen, hat, bug spray if you wish
  • Slow walk and standing

Your RSVP is appreciated: (727) 376-5111


10:00 AM

Heartwood Preserve:

4100 Starkey Blvd.



Feel free to come by and listen, check out vehicles,
gather information, ask questions –
See some live critters & there will be giveaways too!


meet-up invite


Mindful Meditation

Carve out some YOU time.

Every 3rd Saturday




aYour Guide:



Maria is a physician-scientist who has been a practitioner of mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. She will lead us with a combination of sitting and walking meditation, focusing on our breath and being in the present moment.
Read more about Maria here:

 *Bring your own cushion, yoga mat or towel for sitting on floor if you wish.
Chairs are provided.



  • Please enter wearing a face mask for the safety of yourself and others. Once sitting for meditation, you may remove the mask. If you feel unwell, are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or have been exposed to someone recently, please stay home.
  • Please RSVP – space will be limited as we will maintain 6’ distance between household units during the meditation. (727) 376-5111 or
  • No pets please. Only on-duty Certified Service Dogs are allowed. Even the very nicest of pets can be a disruption to others.
  • Call us with any questions.

CANCELED: Death Cafe March 2020









Eat cake · drink coffee · and talk about DEATH!
Thursday evening, March 19, at 7:00 PM is our upcoming Death Cafe.

We are a discussion group with no agenda, no objectives, or themes.

*We are not a grief support or counselling session of any kind*

No, it’s not morbid nor depressing – If you don’t believe us, stop by and join in. (Or, Just come and observe!)

Death Cafes are a comfortable, free, opportunity for people to get together and talk about all aspects of the end of life in a non-judgmental and open way. Death Cafes play an important role in the Death-Positivity Movement.


Your Hostess: Diana Sayegh, Manager of Heartwood.

To find out more about Death Cafe in general, please visit their website

Questions about this event? Contact Diana at:

**Your RSVP is required, please message us here or call (727) 376-5111

4100 Starkey Blvd., Trinity


“Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow.” ~

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross



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Get Out of Your Own Head: Meditation Walk

Get Out of Your Own Head

Meditation Walk 

Get out of your own head during this walking meditation at Heartwood Preserve

This is a FREE one-hour “quiet-time” meditation walk in the woods, where you will experience the peace of the outdoors. Enjoy the smells, sight of a flower, sounds of birds, feeling of the breeze. Disconnect from your devices and rise above the hustle and bustle and begin your day focused, centered, and connected with nature and yourself.


Your Guide: Justin Martz

is a 200 hour graduate & teacher-trainer at JivaPatha School of Conscious Yoga and House of Light Yoga in Spring Hill, FL. He teaches professionally throughout the nature coast, focusing on the roots of yoga as a philosophical tradition which incorporates both metaphysical theory and practice of disciplined breath, physical movement, and cognition. Justin is an active member of the Heartwood Burial Crew & Heartwood Family.


**BRING: Yoga mat or towel, water bottle, insect repellent.

Please wear closed-toed shoes.


Please register in advance and let us know you’re coming by emailing or by calling Heartwood’s Welcome Center at



Sunday, December 15, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

4100 Starkey Blvd., Trinity


Heartwood’s Meet-Up Page





Tai Chi in the Preserve

Tai Chi in the Preserve


September 21, 2019

9:00 AM- 10:30 AM

hosted by – Click HERE


Free! Any-Body, Any-Age.


Tai chi is an ancient practice of slow, movements, meditation & breathing exercises.

It’s not fast-paced, or a fat burning workout. Tai chi helps improve blood circulation, alignment, balance and restore energy.

Join Mr. Steve Contes. Instructor and founder of the Chen Taiji Center in New Port Richey, for this free group class.

Steve began training in the martial arts over 50 years ago. Taiji Center opened doors in 1996 with the goal in mind to offer a practical form of self-defense, health and a philosophy that promotes harmony in a sometimes difficult world.

Read more and learn about Steve here:Steve

Your RSVP is appreciated (727) 376-5111


Heartwood Preserve is located at
4100 Starkey Blvd., in Trinity

*this is an outdoor event

*dress outdoor comfortable

*please bring a water bottle

*sunscreen & insect repellent if you wish


Meet-Up Invite


Talk & Tour: Walk the Wetlands

Talk & Tour:

Walk the Wetlands



9:00 AM


Through the central part of  Heartwood Preserve is a

Cypress Dome Wetland.

We invite you on a guided walk with our guest host

Anne Sylvester.

Anne is a Florida Master Naturalist.

For over 10 years Anne has taught Environmental Education at

Crystal Springs Preserve,

which is a field trip destination for K-College students.

Previously, Anne was an Eco-Tour guide for Jay B. Starkey’s ‘Flatwoods Adventures’, on the Starkey Ranch sharing the flora, fauna & history of the working cattle ranch.

Come tromp through our lush Heartwood swamp ~

bring your boots.


Helpful Tips for this event:

-this is a free event

-all ages welcome

please bring water

-protect your skin: wear/bring insect repellant & sunscreen, if you wish

-protect your head: wear a hat, sunhat, bandana or a face-mask “Buff” if you wish

-1-hour walk/hike: this swamp walk will not be fast and you will probably not cover a great deal of terrain. Remember, even if you don’t cover a lot of ground, you can still enjoy your swamp walk by taking the scenery in great detail. Notice the sights, smells, and sounds around you as you move slowly through a swamp. Bring your walking stick if you have one!

-wear closed-toe “old” shoes, waterproof  hiking boots or rubber boots

-comfortable “outdoor” clothing  (cotton shirt, breathable, synthetic items) to prevent overheating

-bring gloves if you wish

-please RSVP (727) 376-5111



Heartwood Preserve

4100 Starkey Blvd.