Our Quarterly Burial Crew Training Night is set for Tuesday, 1/21/20.


Heartwood Preserve’s Burial Crew is a group of very special people who assist with the natural burials that take place at Heartwood Preserve. This is a unique opportunity to help families have a meaningful closure to their loved one’s life.
The Burial Crew primarily helps to carry the deceased from the hearse (or other vehicle) to the grave, set the body over the grave, lower the body by hand (with ropes) into the grave, and finish closing the grave, after the family has participated as much as they want.
The crew may also help with other needed tasks like directing parking, set-up & cleanup of burial area.
If this sounds like something YOU may be interested in doing, please join our current crew & staff for our Training Night, Tuesday, January 21st, at 6 PM.
We will go over: safety, logistics, what to expect, dress code and practicing/training of lifting and lowering of the deceased.
Our Burial Crew represents not only Heartwood Preserve, but a new way of caring for our dead and for the land, that very few have had a chance to experience.
Call with any questions or to RSVP:
(727) 376-5111

Conservation of land and conservation of people frequently go hand in hand…”     

Eleanor Roosevelt



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