Pine Needle Coaster Craft with Pat: event is fully booked

Thank you everyone! This class is now fully booked 1/29/2020

Patricia Zimmer, Heartwood Family and skilled basket weaver will donate her time on Saturday, February 15, to teach others how to make a coaster from pine straw found here at HEARTWOOD PRESERVE! She will instruct the class how to start, and learn a couple of designs. And, you could make a small dish from the basic coaster pattern after you leave if you wish!

  • Free event.

  • Space is limited.

  • Please RSVP

Pat’s Urns for families wanting to bury ashes naturally can be discussed by contacting Pat directly: Click here to email Pat


Patricia Zimmer’s Pine Needle Urn, made from pine needles found at Heartwood





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West Pasco Death Cafe

West Pasco Death Café, held at Heartwood Preserve

Open, comfortable, community discussion group to bring death awareness to those wanting to express themselves.

This is not a counseling session or grievance group.

Topics range from personal stories, grief, rituals, aging, advice – to humor! — It is also okay to just come and listen. If you would like to attend, please RSVP (space is limited) 727-376-5111.

**age 17+ please

coffee, tea, cake/pie

7:00-8:30 pm

4100 Starkey Blvd., Trinity



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