Mindful Meditation



Carve out some YOU time


Whether you are a regular practitioner or new to mindfulness meditation,
we invite you to join us each month for an hour of quiet sitting and walking.
This is a secular form of meditation and all are welcome.
Please bring a yoga mat or towel (chairs provided if you wish)


Your Guide:



Maggie Tudor was introduced to formal meditation in 2003 in Zen and Taoism.  For years, she studied and practiced in several traditions and lineages, continuously exploring and seeking wisdom.  In 2018, Maggie was introduced to Buddhism in the Plum Village Tradition and has made it a daily practice ever since.  Outside of meditation practice, Maggie is a professor at the University of Tampa and is a Certified Mental Performance Coach where she consults and works with teams, groups, and individuals.




We request mask wearing and social distancing for all activities inside our Welcome Center

No pets please. Only on-duty Certified Service Dogs are allowed. Even the very nicest of pets can be a disruption to others.

RSVP: info@HeartwoodPreserve.com

Open to the public, free to attend!