Ladies “Clothing Swap” (Charity Event)


Alicia & Diana’s 6th Annual Clothing Swap!

Saturday, 1/22/22
12pm – 4pm

sizes XS – XXXL

Bring your own shopping bag.

*We donate the leftovers
Donations can be dropped off NOW, anytime, THRU JAN 21 at Heartwood 🙂


Clothing Swap Party Rules

-No holes
-No missing buttons or zippers
-No cat/dog hair! **
-No stains
-Not worn out from washing a million times

~ The Benefits of a Clothing Swap Party:

*Environmentally Friendly!
A clothing swap party is environmentally friendly. It’s sustainable fashion. You don’t have to throw out clothes you no longer want and go and buy brand new clothes.

You’re just exchanging clothes you no longer want for new to you clothes that you’ll actually use anyway.

*It’s Frugal Fashion!

Everything’s free at a clothing swap party. What more could you ask for?

You get new clothes for free.

*Think Outside of the Box!
Every year we have an eclectic group of people come & donate so you’ll have a variety of things to choose from. Instead of going to the same types of shops and buying the same types of clothes, you’ll have an opportunity to be more adventurous and try some different styles.

The Space:
Heartwood Preserve’s Welcome Center.
No kids,
no pets PLEASE!
4100 Starkey Blvd.
Trinity FL 34655