Tai Chi in the Preserve

Your Host: STEVE

BASIC Taiji (Tai Chi) Class for Health

Basic low impact class for improving strength, balance, endurance as well as stress relief based on the Taiji principles of Yin and Yang. It can be practiced daily by anyone, anywhere. Your present level of health whatever that may be can be improved with proper training. No matter what you perceive your personal limitations Taiji offers something for all.

Tai Chi is an ancient practice of slow, movements, meditation & breathing exercises.

It’s not fast-paced, or a fat burning workout. Tai chi helps improve blood circulation, alignment, balance and restore energy.

Join Mr. Steve Contes. Instructor and founder of the Chen Taiji Center in New Port Richey, for this free group class.

Steve began training in the martial arts over 50 years ago. Taiji Center opened doors in 1996 with the goal in mind to offer a practical form of self-defense, health and a philosophy that promotes harmony in a sometimes difficult world.

Read more and learn about Steve here: steve contes

Come learn or join the FREE class:

Saturday, February 27th @11am

Free! Any-Body, Any-Age.


4100 Starkey Blvd.. TRINITY 34655